Chilly Colours – Bien Venido (Chapter 1) – Maurício Pedreira

First part of the Maurício Pedreira’s trip during Eastern to explore the coast of Chile. Along with his family : Beli , Cauê and Davi , he finds great waves and wind ,and stunning scenarios along the coast . Cold water , powerful waves and beautiful views along with great sunsets made this trip a great one! Gracias Chile !
Primeira parte da viagem de Maurício Pedreira para explorar a costa Chilena durante a Páscoa. Junto com a família ; Beli, Cauê e Davi ; Pedreira explora as frias e potentes ondas chilenas , lindas paisagens , e por do sol mágico ; com certeza uma viagem que ficará na memória ! Gracias Chile !


Published on Mai th, 2013

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