Images Wareck Arnaud Régis Labaune Andreas Toverud Arnaud Chavance Joss Bonnabel Gilles Citi RideUp JoJo Mixed by Rage & Wa Music ALPHAZE ” Now” The Pochatt’ Crew Radio Meuh Texte Pascal Boulgakoff Voici les résultats pour ces 2016 SNOWKITEMASTERS à Serre-Chevalier. SKM FREESTYLE HOMME SNOW 1 TOVERUD ANDREAS NORVEGE Cabrinha, Allian, SP, Mystic 2 BOTTA DIDIER FRANCE RAPACE, ALTITUDE EYEWEAR 3 GUYOT LAURENT FRANCE Flysurfer, JULBO, MOOD SKM FREESTYLE HOMME SKI 1 MIQUEL BENOIT FRANCE Flysurfer, CDK, SKD, Mood 2 BOTTA DIDIER FRANCE RAPACE, ALTITUDE EYEWEAR 3 UZHEGOV ANTON RUSSE North Kiteboarding, Picture Organic Clothing SKM FREESTYLE FEMME SNOW 1 SYSOEVA TATIANA RUSSE OZONE Russia, NP-SURF, 2 JULIE BORGIS France SKM FREESTYLE FEMME SKI 1 SCHIBEVAAG KARI NORVEGE RRD, Varme & Bad, Devald, Dr. Zipe, Eureka 2 SCHLOTTE RANJA ALLEMGNE Picture Organic Clothing, GAASTRA, Meier Skis, Glidesoul Super snowkiting last day here at the Lautaret Pass for the 12th SNOWKITEMASTERS. Blue sky, great sunshine, perfect powder snow from yestersday, everything was ready for the best Finals freestyle heats as possible. The Ski winner girl is already known and this is Kari Schebevaag who could stay freeriding all the day long, what a great luck. Well, stay tuned dudes to the official results after 8 PM, probably available on the official FB page Snowkitemasters. So we’ll know who are the 2016 SNOWKITEMASTERS winners. Here are the official results for the 2016 SNOWKITEMASTERS in Serre-Chevalier. Didier Botta who won the N°1 both in skis and snowboard after the double-elimination format didn’t manage to beat them once again in the two Super-Finals unfortunately. So, Didier is two times 2nd which deserves huge respect. See the podium pictures below and the final official results list. ​ Ranking from 5th to 1st on the results list from past days for the Double-Elimination. Only Andreas Toverud snowboard and Benoît Miquel skis are already going straight to the final. We could see Didier Botta competing both in the ski and snowboard contests so Didier had to change boots as far he won the heats. ​ And so he did until the final, beating both Andreas Toverud and Benoît Miquel. Incredible but true. So we could see the Super-Final and now we have to wait for the Price Giving at Le Frog around 7PM as the head juge keeps the results secret for a great show this evening. The snowboard finals girls were set as well with Tatiana Sisoeva from Russia against Julie Borgis from France.


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