A short clip shot within 2 sweet days in Barra Nova, Brazil. All footage was filmed with a Goclever DVR Extreme Gold camera by a future Oscar nomminee – Christophe Tack. Big thanks to my sponsors Best Kiteboarding for developing my favorite kites, Rip Curl Poland for gearing me up with all the pretty waterwear, Tack for filming on his day off, and to Pousada Escape Brasil for having us. You guys are AWESOME ! Peace and Love, Enjoy ! P.S : Yes, I do realise that vimeo says it’s 24 seconds. Well, that’s a lie. Deal with it. Find out more at: www.helenabrochocka.com www.bestkiteboarding.com www.ripcurl.com.eu www.goclever.com https://www.facebook.com/escapebarranova facebook.com/christophetack And Follow me at facebook.com/helenabrochocka and Instagram @helenabeatz .. or not. Cheeeeers ! 🙂

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