A short video from the past couple of weeks since Ali finished Uni. Since there has been a distinct lack of wind, it turned into more of a cable edit. The initial kite footage is shot at the Beach Break Live SKA Kite comp by Alex Parker, where Ali took first place ๐Ÿ™‚ The second section is shot by Tim Dufty at a place called Roa Island on the Saturday of the first round of the BKSA. The light was so perfect, and it was an incredible sunset session. The cable footage is mainly shot at the Blackpool Wakepark, on the 2 System2.0’s and then a final bit of cable at Siblyback in Cornwall. All heli footage was Shot by www.heliphoto.biz Music: Caribou- Sun Remix www.alibarrett.co.uk Ali is sponsored by the following people: www.heliphoto.biz www.slingshotsports.com www.mysticboarding.com www.blackpoolwakepark.co.uk


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