We all dream about flying, to have endless time in the air and to boost to new heights, while maintaining perfect kite control. The newly launched Speed4 Lotus 8.0m & 10.0m can do just that for you in higher winds! FLYSURFER rider Dylan van der Meij is in Brazil to prepare himself for the upcoming winter competition season. For competition freestyle Dylan rides the Cronix, but that is not to say, he is not fond of a bit of hangtime, airstyle and bigair! To quote Dylan: “I hope you guys liked my latest edit with the Speed4 10.0m Lotus, I really enjoyed riding it! This kite is soooo nice for big jumps and old school moves! When rotating I could really feel where the kite was. Well done guys!” You can follow Dylan on his website: http://www.dylanvandermeij.com Everyday is a Kite Day with Flysurfer Kiteboarding – http://www.flysurfer.com Music: Passing Through – Chef’Special

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