Venyu Triple-S Invitational 2014 With a deteriorating North East wind, the call was for a “media day, lay day” to get the most of the early conditions. A few invitational riders dragged out the North A-Frame Slider and the Best Boot Kicker out to the ‘dark side’ of the slick for a short morning session. Here is a short video of what went down. Videography: Travis Mays, Jason Hudson Video Editing: Jason Hudson ( Cover Photo: Mike Hitelman ( Triple S Invitational Shot using Canon 1dMk4, 5Dmk3, 6D, 1dX; 16-35L2.8, 15mfisheye, 35L, 100-400f4, 400f2.8 Edited using Adobe Premier Pro CC, After Effects Grain and Light Leaks using Gorilla Grain Music: Red Fang – Wires


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