The kiteboarding season has started early this year in the Netherlands. The Kite-Freaks crew was able to get some great kitesurfing sessions in already on the Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus and the all-new Flysurfer Boost L.E.I kite and the Radical5 kiteboard. Even Flysurfer rider Yusca Balogh joined in on a kite session. This video was shot on several amazing spots in the northern part of the Netherlands. Combining airstyle with kiteloops and freestyle, elevate your style! What is yours? Riders: Yusca Balogh, Bas Meerwijk, Dennis de Groot and Tim Gilles Kite gear: Flysurfer Boost 13.0/11.0/9.0m Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus 10.0 & 15.0m & Radical & FlySplit boards Filming and edit: &

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