There is nothing like home-sweet-home. In between all of his restless traveling, Stephan makes a pit-stop to kitesurf in his childhood backyard. And, if you ask Stephan, he’ll tell you there is nothing more exciting than venturing out on a crowded sunny Sunday and kite-surfing Kite Point Rio (his favorite spot) in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Dodging the crowds, soccer balls, boats, tiny bikinis, speedos and food-sellers, Stephan finds the perfect wind conditions and fun waves to play in. Hope you enjoy your flight down to Rio. MCD Blade Skinny Boy 9M Annesley Surfboards 5’4 Disc Bar 399 Special Thank You to: Kite Point Rio Filmed by: Luiza Campos Edited by: Stephan Figueiredo Luiza Campos Music: “Flying Down To Rio” Fred Astaire “Her Fantasy” Matthew Dear

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