Flysurfer have proven themselves once again to be pioneers in kite development. In the beginning of November 2013 the very first single skin kite with an effective working depower, will hit the market. The PEAK uses no bottom sail making it different to conventional ram air kites. The weight of the kite is reduced and the pack size is incredibly small. The power generated by the PEAK is considerably more than would be expected by a similar sized depower kite. There are no other kites that get going as early in light winds. Check out this detailed video showing the main features of the Flysurfer PEAK presented to you by Pascal Boulgakoff: . Innovative single-skin depower concept . Unbelievable low-end performance . Great depower range . Minimalistic pack-size . Ultra light weight . Ultra light bar-setup . No compromise on safety . Quality of workmanship and durability . Fast and easy handling . Optional touring bag with integrated kite harness . Universal application Or read more about the features here: Video & Edit: Pascal Boulgakoff – White Kite News More information: Everyday is a kiteday… with Flysurfer Kiteboarding!

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