I was so lucky to get invited by www.sweetspotwatersports.com and www.grahamsplacehonduras.com to visit their wonderful Island in Guanaja, Honduras. It’s not just a PARADISE for kiters, its a perfect location to experience the beautiful nature and to meet amazing people. I wanted to give something back and with the help of www.MAKULO.com and my sponsors, I invited 10 kids to join me at Graham’s Place and to show them how to fly a kite and to stand up paddle. We had a lot of fun and I tried to convey the message that it’s important in life to have a passion and dreams and to work hard to realize them. Follow my adventures; www.facebook.com/manu.jungo and www.instagram.com/manuelajungo Sponsors; www.hfvesa.ch www.traserh3watches.com www.tubeforce.ch www.ripcurl.com and www.cloud-9.ch www.liquidforcekites.com Camera; James Boulding, facebook.com/thejamesboulding and Mike Minichiello Edit; Manuela Jungo and James Boulding Music; Going all the way by Martin Kaczmarski


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