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How to kitesurf: Beach Jump – Hooked – North Kiteboarding Academy

The Beach Jump is the most stylish way to get back to the beach.

Before trying you should already be confident doing a hooked in jump. You must also be able to go fast and edge your board upwind whilst steering the kite up. These are all essential for performing a Beach Jump.

Before you initiate the jump, loosen your feet in the straps, this will help get the board off easily once you’re in the air.

As you approach the beach slow your speed down a bit. Edge your board upwind and steer the kite up to 12 o’clock, pulling down on the bar no more than halfway to get some lift and airtime It is important to keep control of the jump so moderate your movements.. Once you’re in the air bend your knees and grab the backside edge of your board with your back hand.
As you reach the apex of your jump, pull your feet out of the straps, starting with the back and following with the front. For a smooth landing keep the kite above you and the bar pulled down half way.

To stay safe and avoid injuries it’s important to practice this move in deep water first Once comfortable take it to shallower waters and finally the beach.
Let’s repeat the key elements:

· Slide your feet to loosen the grip of the straps
· Steer the kite up, edge and jump pulling the bar down no more than halfway
· Grab the backside edge of your board and get your feet out of the straps
· Spot your landing

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