Here is our 2nd Episode iGaranti Kite Academy Freestyle Team. You will share their training ,passion and success in this episode. Learn from the Best, Ride With the Best !!! Enç ÖZEN (18) : 2014 Turkiish Freestyle Champion Pınar BASOGLU (30) : 2014 Turkish Freestyle Champion Nicolas Feraud (34) : 2014 Turkish Open Freestyle Champion Görkem KOSEOGLU(19) : 2014 Turkish Freestyle No:4 Egemen SERTTAS(18) : 2014 Turksih Freestyle No:7 Shots&Edit :One2 Productions Music : Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce The Astreoids Galaxy Tour – Aronud the Band Kite Academy İGaranti Mystic Boarding FlyCam: Flyingshotz


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