### Riders /// Stanley Bocher, Elisa Mex, Ludovic Moulou, Mereth Meheetch, Poi Poi, ### Location /// French Polynesia ### Film Crew /// Camera & Edit : Ludovic Moulou – Marama Photo Video ### Sponsors /// Ikon Kiteboarding ### Music /// Disclosure – You Me (Flume Remix) The PEAK 2 is the perfect kite for freeride. Freeride, wave, freestyle, hangtime, or racing, the PEAK 2 is the all-rounder kite of our range. We spent 2 years designing this new toy to give you the ultimate experience. More depower on the smaller size and better turning for the bigger sizes have been our constant goal, without losing the unique feeling of the first generation. The PEAK 2 is fitted with the new SIC for the single inflation system, pumping your kite is faster and easier than ever. Using high quality material from TEIJIN, RONSTAN, and COUSIN, and combined with an engineered design, the reinforcements are positioned to deliver high quality products. If you dont want to be put in a box, the PEAK 2 is the kite for you.


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