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Keep the STOKE alive – A kite trip to Chile

It’s a film about exploration, it’s a story about friendship, it’s an escape out of this hectic world. A place where we met one another, working on a kiteboarding project called “keep the stoke alive”, which is filled with nature, humor and kitesurfing as a cheering rebellion against the gloom of present times. A once in a lifetime experience, so timeless, limitless… soulful

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding presents you the vision behind our new product line, the STOKE, which builds upon the true essence of kiting; travel the world, meet new people, experience new cultures and spend amazing time with your friends.

Together we… #sharethestoke
Cinematography by http://www.gregorjohn.com John Images
Special thanks to http://www.flysurfer.com & http://www.ion-products.com

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