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Kiteboarding Is Awesome 2018 #1

The best videos of Kiteboarding from 2018 so far. Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you’re all awesome!!!

Best Of Kiteboarding 2017:
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #6 :https://youtu.be/g9_7pUIAeG4
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #5 : https://youtu.be/MZcWd-9wx40
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #4 : https://youtu.be/6n5VPb-V01M
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #3 : https://youtu.be/UiTmqRhU4l4
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #2 : https://youtu.be/1MO7gXF05-8
Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #1 : https://youtu.be/X0A1suBPSoY
A kiteboarding mix of oldschool, newschool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, sliders and extrême.
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The videos of kiteboarding are :

00:00 Aaron Hadlow Megaloop Frontroll Boardoff KOTA 2018

00:17 Alex Caizergues – Stay Fast – Episode 4

00:20 Back On Board – The Line – Episode 3

00:29 Discovering new places

00:37 Howling wind and glassy surf Jalou ‘s tories #22

00:58 Kitesurfing Scotland A kitefoil journey on the islands – Aerial Filming

01:11 La Balade Ep.11 (Hors Série)

01:28 Aaron Hadlow jumps over sand bar in safety bay

01:56 Alex Caizergues – Stay Fast – Episode 4

02:01 Back On Board – The Line – Episode 3

02:10 One day with Keahi

02:22 Kite World Champion Karolina Winkowksa in Brazil

02:35 Pure Cocos

02:56 Kite Stress KEVVLOG #202

03:01 Downs and ups KEVVLOG #203

03:16 Parajuru – Kitesurfing paradise

03:28 Pure Cocos

03:50 One day with Keahi

04:06 NOBILE Hydrofoil Unlimited

04:23 Paul Serin – Stay A fighter – Episode 5

The music is :
Jordan Schor X Harley Bird – Home
Far Out – Chains (feat. Alina Renae)

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