After hours of training and uncountable crashes, I am finally able to land a BACK TO WRAPPED consistently, on both sides, in different conditions and during my heats at the PKRA World Tour; You want to learn this trick to? Here are the steps; – before you start with this trick you have to be able to do a backroll to toeside 1. start with the kite at 45 degrees or lower 2. bear off down wind and unhook 3. pop out late/ curve your way up into the wind (half of the rotations is on the water and the late take off will spin you faster) 4. as soon as you leave the water bring the back knee over and pull the bar towards your back hip 5. keep on holding and pull the kite down until you are into toeside 6. release the bar with your front hand and twist your wrist 7. turn your shoulder and keep on rotation the last 180° of the rotation 8. land downwind and quickly pass the bar behind your back follow me; Camera; Spot; Pro Kite Brasil Music; All The Same from Ki Theory

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