MORSELS is a collection of shots that I have single-handedly filmed over the past few years. During my career on the water, I have developed a unique way of tracking athletes, giving the viewer a first-hand POV experience as to what it’s like to be on the water. This edit includes big wave, kite, wind and SUP surfing. Enjoy! POV and Edit: Bennett Williams Handheld Barrel Shot: Zach Goepel Athletes: Unknown, Zach Goepel, Teddy Lyons, Blakeney Sanford, Graham Ezzy, Brian Caserio, James Ropner, Bernd Rodiger, Ian Alldredge, Kevin Pritchard, Sara Hauser, Aaron Ernst, Casey Hauser Music: “Ride on, Ride Out” – Colt Ford Special Thanks: Kevin Trejo,


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