Kasia Lange is one the top 3 female kite brand ambassador in the world! We were also in top 4 of the best female friendly mainstream brand with our Beleza range. We are so happy – that was first time since we prepared special collection for all girls! Congratulations to all competitors and winners! Life’s better when you are kiteboarding! * Rider name: Katarzyna Lange * Nationality: Polish * Favourite: Move back2blind grabbed * Worst Crash: When you crash on your ribs * Never travel without: iPhone, bikini, cosmetic kit. * Favorite spot in the world: Brazil, Cumbuco * On my iPod: Roisin Murphy, Xavier Rudd, Radiohead, Riri * Inspired by: Those who succeeded in sport, and lots of people I’ve met around the world. * Favourite Meal: Sandwich with nutella * 1 piece of advise to other kiters: Don’t forget to smile on the water * Goal in kiteboarding?: Gain the World Championship * Biggest challenge about going pro: Sacrifice everything for kiteboarding, believe in yourself 100% * I want to travel to: French Polynesia, where Paul Gauguin was creating his art * I want to (meet): see my family more often! * I like to wear: Bikini the most, and cute clothes from my sponsor Femi Pleasure. * Style: Freestyle, Wave * Kite: Nobile 50/Fifty, Nobile T5 * Board: Nobile Pro 50/Fifty, Nobile Beleza T5, Nobile Beleza NHP * PKRA: 11th – 2013, 8th – 2014 * Other results: Polish Championship (Freestyle): 2013 – 1st, 2012 – 2nd, 2011 – 2nd; Ford Kite Cup: 2012 – 2nd, 2011 – 2nd; KTA 2012 Mau Ne, Big Air (Vietnam) – 3rd. * FB: https://www.facebook.com/katarzyna.b.lange Read the story: http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue47/?page=201 More: http://www.nobilekiteboarding.com/team/katarzyna-lange.html DoP: Szymon Dudka. Assistant: Zbigniew Szarzynski. Production: Andrzej Cieplik. Coordination: Maciej Jazwiecki (Nobile Sports).


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