Ten years ago we fell in love with kiteboarding. For us every moment in the water means joy and fantastic experience. When we travel around the globe and find our products in Australia, Cape Town, San Francisco, Tarifa or Hel, we are seized with satisfaction and realize the challenges we face every day, in order to meet your expectations and remain the producer of the best equipment worldwide. This year, for the first time, we present four product lines in fantastic Saudade collection, inspired by Brazil of the sixties, when the country celebrated the biggest economic and cultural boom. We are convinced that you will love the boards of Uniao, Pro, Beleza and Separa lines. We want Nobile, apart from being the technological leader of the branch, to set new standards in design as well. Welcome to Saudade. DoP/Edit: Szymon Dudka * Uniao Line T5 The encounter is universal. It can be everything. Just like the wheel meets many triangles, one person meets countless people throughout his/her life. This board can be your first but definitely not least encounter with kiteboarding. NBL
The meeting of two people. We don’t know, whether they see each other for the first or for the last time. When you travel for kiteboarding, your loved ones stay at home. This board will let you remember them. Flying Carpet Shapes meet shapes. Colours meet colours. One encounters another and creates the pattern. Chaotic and wild. Just like the ocean that awaits you. SKIM
When you are kiteboarding it’s not only the encounter with sport. It’s a meeting with the element. With water and wind. Enter the water, touch the sun. This board will definitely help you achieve that. * PRO LINE 50/Fifty The capital city of Brazil – Brasilia – and its symbol: the building of National Congress, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Thanks to this board you will feel as a Brazilian. NHP
The Brazilian coastline. The longest one across the whole South America. 7491 km of beautiful beaches, wild waves and gorgeous women. On this board you will be able to ride all along. NHP Carbon There’s such a moment when moon crosses directly the sun line and for instant it’s getting dark. We still lack something essential for our living. Then we start to miss. On this board you can ride even during an eclipse. 2HD
Rio de Janeiro. The sixties. Bossa nova, red-hot pavements arranged in waves. This board is also a sound wave, or to be more precise, the voice recording of screaming seagull. A board not only for Copacabana. XTR
Every time we cross the sky with our board, we can imagine that we draw a line on it. Many can fly but only a very few can make the 720 in the air. With this board it is possible even in light wind. Infinity 
Waves can be really high. You must have power to tame and conquer them. We tense our muscles like there’s no limit to our biceps. There’s no place for hesitation. This board is strictly for the champions.
 * Beleza Line T5 Beleza
At first glance symbols are mysterious. Just like the nature of woman. She feels, she speaks. Lips and heart. This board will help you to express the unspoken. 
NHP Beleza Woman is beautiful in every detail. Sometimes a detail can be more seductive than the whole picture. Actually, the looks of all around speak for themselves. This board will emphasize the beauty of every woman. * Separa Line Separa means separation. The board creates the scenery. We connect the sky and ocean horizons, and begin the adventure. When we stop riding, this adventure will end – just like the scenery on separated board becomes incomplete. * Pico Line 
 NHP Snowkite / Snowkite RC2000 board The way down from the mountain is steep and winding, while the peak itself seems to be inaccessible. It looks like running to the very end, with no limits. The board is also for those who are not afraid to reach for the top.


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