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Nobile T5 kite 2018

The Nobile T5 Kite is simply one of the best kites on the market.
More: http://nobilekiteboarding.com/products/kites/nobile-kite-t5.html

The idea was to design a stable, durable kite which ensures full control in all weather conditions. It is used by everyone from experienced kiters through to kiting schools. You can always count on it.
It is great in any conditions and is a favourite for fans of wave riding, where the steering simplicity and the kite’s stability matter.
This year we have introduced additional reinforcements and a new canopy material – Double Ripstop Teijin, which has been tested in the most difficult conditions. It is super-durable and resistant to mechanical damage, as well as climactic conditions, such as salt water, high temperature and sand. This kite will serve you for many years.

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