After 2 knee operations, I felt like show casting a compilation of whats been going on in my life. With the help of my family, friends and sponsors, I was able to keep up slowly and it has been a pretty hectic year. I want to thank all of the ones that supported me during the good and the bad moments, this is dedicated to all of you! For more info visit: Facebook: Forest Bakker: Ride Clash: Light Bros: Credits: Produced by: Ride Clash Director and Editor: Forest Bakker Director of Photography: Andi Jansen Sound Design: Forest Bakker Supported by: Additional footage: Oliver Umpierre Leopold Dekeister Stefano Van Tuijl Julien Leleu Alvaro Onieva Loic Soufflet Special Thanks to: My awesome family George Whaley Joseph Carneiro Alexander Shogren Clark Graebner Jr. Surya Sanaya Joaozinho Batista Juan Pablo Simonit Rick Jensen Tobias Holter Fernando Simonit Pia Soboreo And all the other many people for helping and supporting us!


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