3 months after Ride With Me Ep01 – Wakemania (https://vimeo.com/69035135), I got tired to be clamped on my board and wanted to get my feet some freedom back ! So here it is, Free Your Feet is a full gopro edit, 100% surfkite strapless and fully filmed in Brittany during summer time. Not many waves during this period but there are so many tricks to learn strapless that it makes Brittany a perfect location with its flatspots and small kickers! Enjoy and share if you like! voyageskite.com _____________________________ Gear: Cabrinha Suboowfer 5’8″ – Chaos – Vector Boardshort Kitaddict Harness NP Mirage Thanks to: Cabrinhakites.com kitaddict.com npsurf.com


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