People always ask me why I choose to live on Fuerteventura. Check out this video and you will see why ๐Ÿ™‚ There are a few days a year where the wind is so light that no one else tries to get on the water at Flag Beach. I really enjoy these days on my Foilboard. I have our beautiful spot all to myself. It’s even better when you have your girlfriend filming you with the brand new DJI Phantom 4. Flag Beach is just stunning when seen from above. Drone Pilot: Doris Klemm Edit: Gunnar Biniasch Rider: Gunnar Biniasch Music: Teknoaxe “Call and Response sans 2nd Lead” Shot on: Phantom 4, 1080p120 Kite: Ozone Chrono V2 13m Board: Axis Prototype foilboard and Foil. #foilhappy #axiskiteboarding #ozonekites #rideengine #schwerelosigkite #windridersboardshop #triggernaut #enhancedperformance

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