I live on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and just north is the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve been fishing these reefs for years and every now and then I see some waves and wind with potential. Plus I heard a few stories that got me excited so I planned a trip to check it out. I always try to keep my expectations realistic but this place is amazing and I knew with the right wind and waves it could be a new frontier right in my own backyard.

Finally, after months of waiting everything came together and we spent a few days up there. The kitesurfing was epic but the journey there and back was what made the trip for me.

Photos & story available at https://benwilsoncoaching.com/blog/item/kitesurfing-great-barrier-reef

Stu Gibson (stugibson.net) & Tom Rawlins footage. Edit by Tom Rawlins (rawlensmedia.com)

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