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The Zian Tricktionary – Fabio Biscosi’s Raley

Kitesurfing Tutorial – Episode 4 Want to progress and learn new tricks? �� Learning your first unhooked trick? Learn with us as Fabio talks you through the Raley – The gateway trick for unhooking and the solid base for many more. Sponsored by Zian kites Australia with @lieuweboards & of course Ar media productions ltd �� Step by step …. The Raley Before starting this trick make sure you are comfortable with unhooking and popping. * If you haven’t before, practice a few times riding downwind, unhooking and then hooking back in (make sure your always travelling downwind to create slack in your lines) * Practice popping, while keeping your kite hooked in and riding at 45°, ride downwind then edge hard into the wind and pop up with your legs kicking them behind. Setting up * Correctly attach your leash to suicide so your kite doesn’t flag out each time you let the bar go. * De-power your kite a few inches to prevent stalling. Okay now your ready to attempt the Raley … 1. Start with your Kite high at 45° (meaning 10.30 or 1.30) 2. Ride downwind and unhook 5. Edge hard away from the kite to create tension 6. Pop and kick your legs behind you and into the wind. 7. Extend your body . 8. Land facing downwind, bend your knees and hook back in. TOP TIPS!! * Start on a bigger kite, for example 12m – this will make it easier for you when first starting as the kite is stable preventing steering outside your 45° window. * Keep your hands in the center of your bar for better stability. ENJOY!

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