The finals of the El Gouna Granad Slam were super exciting with the top kiteboarding action to watch. For me it went really good, even though I was super stressed I was landing my tricks and passing the heats one after another. In the final I met with Bruna Kajiya, who is a super good competitor from Brazil. I had a really bad start, but I didn’t give up and had built up my performance, which gave me the victory. Then there was the men’s final, which was super exciting as it was Youri Zoon and Carlos Mario, two top slingshot kite riders. The heat was about landing double passes and going super high. This one went to the Carlos Mario, the 18 year old Brazilian, who seems to be in top form this year !

Riders: Karolina Winkowska, Annabel van Westerop, Paula Novotna, Bruna Kajiya, Youri Zoon, Carlos Mario

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