Adam: “I have been shooting films with Victor, Kin, Long, Phu for a few years now and this time finally I had a chance to put them all in one production. After few months of working on the edit I can offer this. On my side, somewhere on the edge of perception I have a feeling that this is the best we did… so far… :D” Victor: “This is my 2nd trip to Vietnam. Last time I was there I had an amazing time and insane sessions at Surfpoint Vietnam Kite School in Mui Ne and super flat water in Phang Rang. We had a lot of fun with the local riders that are actually the best riders in Asia this year. We pushed our limits, jumped over each others kites and crashed with a lot of laugh. I can’t imagine more fun than spending at least a month in Viet Nam so definitely I’ll be back there this winter!” I had some amazing time with Ham Tien Productions and we will keep. Thanks to all sponsors: Burn, Naish, ION, Polomarket, Ford, Kitepark, SP and Fijzomed SPA for all the great suport in all my projects. DIRECTED BY ADAM BORYS CAMERAS BY VICTOR BORSUK ADAM BORYS RAFAŁ JAGIEŁŁO EDIT BY ADAM BORYS PRODUCED BY HAM TIEN PRODUCTIONS, SURFPOINT VIETNAM


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